Online Bookings Currently Unavailable

Due to recent government restrictions, we have currently disabled our online booking system until the clinic is allowed to operate more normally again. 

At the moment chiropractic and osteopathic services are only allowed to operate under certain criteria (see below), and remedial massage/myotherapy services have been disallowed.

We are limited to providing face to face care under the following criteria:

  • An appointment
    • - That avoids serious acute consequences or acute deterioration
    • - That avoids a potential hospital admission or emergency department presentation
    • - That prevents/delays the need for further specialist medical or surgical intervention
    • - That prevents an increase in care needs that would necessitate additional carer supports or change in accommodation needs
    • - That limits secondary complications post surgery
    • - Where deferral would lead to long term adverse consequences.

While we’re in this heavy lockdown, if you need to see someone, please call us, email us, or private message us on our social media @brunswickchiro. Our staff can help you find the right therapist to help with your condition, or we can put you on a call back list for when our myotherapists are allowed to work again.

We apologise for this inconvenience and any confusion. The goalposts keep changing for us and we try to provide the most up to date information here and on our social media. We’re here for you, just not in the usual way at the moment, so please reach out if you need our help.